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Friday, February 7, 2014

Beatles - 50 years ago today - yikes, I feel old

February 7, 2014

cover of Beatles VI album
50 years ago today the Beatles came to America. I remember sitting glued in front of the TV screen watching as screaming fans greeted the band as they landed at JFK. I was 14.

When they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, I sat on the edge of my parents bed (the small TV was in the bedroom, not the living room at that time) bouncing up and down. I remember my father saying, “Oh, they’ll never last.” Ha. Years later I caught him humming along to a Beatle tune played as muzac in an elevator, only he didn’t know it was a Beatle tune.

The Beatles are such a huge part of my adolescence, along with the Viet Nam war, the Civil Rights Movement, Womens’ Rights, and well, trying to grow up.

A journalist said today that the Beatles had 7 number one hits out of 16 songs the first two years and 200 songs over the 6 years they were around as The Beatles. He said he bet most of us could hum or sing along with most or all of them.

I can. Can you?



~Jennifer~ said...

Oh yes! I am a HUGE Beatles fan! I grew up listening to them. My mom and dad loved them, and as a matter of fact, they still have some of their original records. I'd never dream of asking my dad to borrow one for my player. ;)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really wish I had grown up during the Beatle's. I find Lennon to have been one of the fascinating people I've ever read about!

Robin said...

Even though they were really "before my time" I love The Beatles and know *most* of their songs. In fact, it is hard to pick a favorite. I went through a phase in my teen years (that continued into my twenties) of making mix tapes for people. When I worked at St. Martin's Press (in NYC) one of my co-workers LOVED The Beatles. We exchanged mix tapes. He finished mine with The Beatles. He said that Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End was the *only* way to properly finish off a mix tape. In the end, I agreed.

Anonymous said...

I had been married just 6 months on this day 50 yrs ago, I feel even older than you. But their songs are still as popular now as than.
Thanks for this reminder.

mooderino said...

You can't help but be impressed by their body of work. Strange that no one has hit those heights since them.

Moody Writing

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Karen - it is just amazing isn't ... I never really got in the groove til later; we were given a privilege of watching them perform at the Royal Variety Show when I was boarding school .... very big treat.

And I don't feel old - but know that I am increasingly moving in that direction!!

Cheers and have a young weekend! Hilary

Karen Jones Gowen said...

YOU feel old--how about the Beatles? At least the ones who are left. I absolutely adored them. Like you, I watched that Ed Sullivan show with rapt attention!

Bish Denham said...

Yup, I can sing right along on all of them, I think. Their music is and will be as enduring as the American Song Book.